About Wisepower

WISEPOWER srl is aimed at the design and prototyping of a new class of energy generators for mobile devices.

This idea originates from the discovery, made in the university laboratory, of a new technology that significantly improves the performances of a wide class of electric power generators. Based on this new technology and on the long-standing experience of the inventors in research activities, they decided to give birth to a company aimed at applying this technology to designing micro energy generators for mobile devices.

Mobile electronic devices are energy hungry and the standard existing solutions, i.e. batteries, present a number of back draws like large size and heavy weight, finite life-time, high costs.

WISEPOWER srl has developed a new approach to solve the energy needs of mobile electronic devices: extraction of energy from the ambient when and where is needed. Specifically, WISEPOWER srl has developed a new and innovative technology for the energy-conversion, based on the use of non-linear dynamics applied to physical systems. Vibrational, light, heat energies, to name a few, are harvested from the ambient and converted into the electric energy available for powering electronic devices.

Latest News

ICT energy consultation workshop

Wisepower participates at “Impact ICT-Energy consumption” workshop, organized by ICT-Energy C.A. with the support of the European Commission.


The gravitational waves benefits extend to Wisepower srl

Wisepower srl joins the chorus of those who today celebrate the exceptional event of the first observation of gravitational waves. The discovery of gravitational waves which was also attended by the NIPS lab at the University of Perugia with Virgo-group Perugia (INFN), in addition to exceptional scientific benefits has already had important technological implications. These include studies on the thermal noise control driven by NIPS in the past 25 years and are aimed at reducing the effects of mechanical vibration on the suspension of optical interferometers.

Lunch Seminar !!! Bio-inspired robot: the evolution of a new species?

The Noise in Physical Systems Laboratory is pleased to invite you to lunch with science.
During the frugal meal courtesy of Wisepower S.r.l., a spin-off of the Department of Physics, you can follow an interesting seminar:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 13:00
Room B of the Department of Physics, Via Elce di Sotto, in Perugia.

Barbara Mazzolai,
Center of Micro-BioRobotica, Italian Institute of Technology

Summer School 2015 "ICT-Energy: Energy consumption in future ICT devices"

Fiuggi (Italy) - July 7-12, 2015

The Noise in Physical System Laboratory, in collaboration with Wisepower staff, is glad to announce the sixth edition of NiPS Summer School devoted to "ICT-Energy: Energy consumption in future ICT devices".

Wisepower and the week for sustainable energy

In the week in which Europe promotes the use of sustainable energy, or those energies that respect the environment, the NIPS laboratory at the University of Perugia organized a day to raise awareness on the role of micro-energy (www.microenergyday.eu).
The Micro-energies are those energies which are needed every day to accomplish many of the habitual actions such as making a call on our cell phone, listen to a song with the MP3 player, switch the appliance hearing, maintain the pacemaker, ...

Soft Landing Programme in Hong Kong

Among the projects selected by the experts at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and invited to attend the first meeting of June 22-26 there is also " Micro and Nano Energy Harvesting " which has as its referent dr. Helios Vocca, Researcher and R&D Director of the Wisepower. The main goal of our work is the invention, design and prototipation of a new class of micro-powering systems for the energy consumption of stand-alone micro-electronic apparata like sensors or actuators.

Wisepower is one of the winners of The Digital Energy Tour

During the final leg of the tour TechGarage Digital Energy Tour on 20th Febbrary, it was assigned the special "Siamosoci Award" to three of the 10 finalists.
For SiamoSoci the most promising ideas of this year have been Wisepower, Be Smart, Sustainable Hosting. With the assignment of the "Premio SiamoSoci" officially it is opened the collaboration between the web platform where startups meet potential investors and Barcamper, when looking for talent on the Italian territory, a crucial step to create young businesses.

Wisepower at TechGarage

Wisepower is among the finalists selected during the startup TechWeek, the path that has involved more than 150 people who presented their business ideas in the fields of energy efficiency and smart grid dell'efficieza and ending with the TechGarage, national event that involves all actors in the world of innovation.