Wisepower presents HAT (Hybrid Autonomous Transceiver) for automotive applications

HAT are a series of energetically autonomous devices that can be associated to a wide variety of sensors in order to measure and transmit physical quantities to a central unit.

For example, in the following video we show a series of devices endowed with temperature sensors in order to monitor the distribution of temperature in a car.

These devices can be easily put in different places inside a car without requiring any wiring both as regards the powering and the transmission of the signal as well. In this way these devices can be handily moved around, if necessary.

The HAT temperature sensors harvest the energy necessary for their aims both from the external ambient light as well as from the vibrations of the car (only during the drive of course). This energy is used to power a temperature sensor, a computing element and a radio transmitter; the temperature data acquired from the sensors are elaborated by an on-board computer and transmitted to a hub computer (here represented by a tablet) that collects the informations sent from each HAT device and visualizes a temperature map of the car.