Structural health monitoring:

WiseSensing is our product line for structural health onitoring (SHM) and environmental monitoring: wireless and self-powering, they provide easy and fast installation and low maintenance needs since thy do not include limited lifetime batteries. They power converting solar light and environmental vibrations into electric energy, and they integrate accelerometers, inclinometers, temperature sensors, magnetic field and humidity in order to provide all the necessary information for a complete structural monitoring.

The data communication is wireless and at fixed times: the acquired data are transferred to a dedicated server where they are elaborated and thay can be viewed by the user.

WiseSensing – SHM

Bridges, viaducts, historical and concrete buildings and telecom towers

  • WiseSensing-SHM, V 1.0 – Discontinued: Download datasheet

WiseSensing – HVC

Environmental, structural and operative monitoring for high and medium voltage cables

  • WiseSensing for high and medium voltage cables In experimentation : Download flyer