Wisepower and the week for sustainable energy

In the week in which Europe promotes the use of sustainable energy, or those energies that respect the environment, the NIPS laboratory at the University of Perugia organized a day to raise awareness on the role of micro-energy (www.microenergyday.eu).
The Micro-energies are those energies which are needed every day to accomplish many of the habitual actions such as making a call on our cell phone, listen to a song with the MP3 player, switch the appliance hearing, maintain the pacemaker, ...
They are usually supplied by batteries, disposable or rechargeable via mains.
Unfortunately it is not a very healthy for the environment. The NIPS workshop several years working for an alternative to batteries. This is represented by the micro through the conversion of energy available in the environment.
In Micro-Energy Contest, which will work alongside the activities of "Avanti Tutta" (http://www.avantitutta.org/) at the Percorso Verde in Pian di Massiano (Perugia). We will propose a fare monitoring the vibrational energy that could be recovered by chip inserted in the smart devices of which we are all equipped. Maybe just to feed those same devices, which we do not like to separate us even during physical activity. The energy produced will be monitored via the application "Wisepower." Come visit us there!