The gravitational waves benefits extend to Wisepower srl

Wisepower srl joins the chorus of those who today celebrate the exceptional event of the first observation of gravitational waves. The discovery of gravitational waves which was also attended by the NIPS lab at the University of Perugia with Virgo-group Perugia (INFN), in addition to exceptional scientific benefits has already had important technological implications. These include studies on the thermal noise control driven by NIPS in the past 25 years and are aimed at reducing the effects of mechanical vibration on the suspension of optical interferometers.
And from these studies that the idea born, behind the spin-off Wisepower srl. The founders of this company, and Luca Gammaitoni and Helios Vocca, include it among the signatories of the work that announces the discovery and has been published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters on 11 February.
Wisepower srl takes care of using the mechanical vibrations to produce electricity in order to power small mobile electronic devices. Its solutions allow in many cases to do without conventional batteries, directly using the energy available in environmental vibrations.