About Wisepower

WISEPOWER srl is aimed at the design and prototyping of a new class of energy generators for mobile devices.

This idea originates from the discovery, made in the university laboratory, of a new technology that significantly improves the performances of a wide class of electric power generators. Based on this new technology and on the long-standing experience of the inventors in research activities, they decided to give birth to a company aimed at applying this technology to designing micro energy generators for mobile devices.

Mobile electronic devices are energy hungry and the standard existing solutions, i.e. batteries, present a number of back draws like large size and heavy weight, finite life-time, high costs.

WISEPOWER srl has developed a new approach to solve the energy needs of mobile electronic devices: extraction of energy from the ambient when and where is needed. Specifically, WISEPOWER srl has developed a new and innovative technology for the energy-conversion, based on the use of non-linear dynamics applied to physical systems. Vibrational, light, heat energies, to name a few, are harvested from the ambient and converted into the electric energy available for powering electronic devices.

Latest News

Italian Minister of Research and University, Francesco Profumo, meets with Wisepower CEO in Brussels

Prof. Francesco Profumo (middle), Italian Minister for Research and Education, listen to Wisepower CEO, Prof. Luca Gammaitoni (right), during the presentation of the NANOPOWER exhibit at the EC Innovation Convention in Brussels, on Dec 6th, 2011.

Wisepower and NiPS set up the NANOPOWER stand at IC2011 in Brussels

Wisepower and the NiPS laboratory team set up an interactive exhibit at the IC2011 Innovation Convention held in Brussels on Dec. 5-6 2011.

The exhibit is entitled "Toward Zero-power: recycling energies in the nano world.

Helios Vocca visits ESIEE Paris Est to foster laboratories collaboration

Sept. 9 2011, Paris

Wisepower R&D Director, Helios Vocca, visited ESIEE Paris Est to foster collaboration between our company and Philippe Basset laboratory at ESIEE.

Luca Gammaitoni and Helios Vocca from Wisepower srl participated to the GUARDIAN ANGELS Workshop

September 15-16, 2011, Helsinki, Finland

Luca Gammaitoni and Helios Vocca from Wisepower srl participated to the
GUARDIAN ANGELS Workshop:“Guardian Angels for a Smarter Life: Science and Technology Beyond Fiction”.

During the workshop Luca Gammaitoni presented the recent Wisepower project "HAT" (Hybrid Autonomous Transducers) (see http://www.wisepower.it/HAT).

Wisepower participated to the panel discussion on "portable Power" on May 12 2011

Perugia, 12-5-2011

Wisepower srl participated to the panel discussion on "portable Power" entitled "Possiamo fare a meno delle batterie ?" (Can we get rid of batteries?).

Introduction by Lorena Pesaresi, Assessore Politiche Energetiche e Ambientali, Comune di Perugia
Luca Gammaitoni, Direttore del NiPS Laboratory, Università di Perugia
Brunello Castellani, Amministratore CentralCom SpA
Helios Vocca, Amministratore Wisepower srl
Mauro Zenobi, Direttore ricerca e sviluppo Angelantoni SpA

New video on the "HAT-for automotive applications" presented at the FET11 Conference

In the frame of the International Conference on Future and Emerging Technologies held in Budapest on May 4-6 2011, Wisepower srl disclosed a new video presentation that illustrates the potentiality of the wisepower technology in the automotive sector.
Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/GrKDnEhK130

The new video was presented at the Wisepower exhibition boot that featured a small scale car model acted on by real vibrations (see video).

Wisepower srl at FET11 International Conference

Wisepower srl in collaboration with NiPS Laboratory of the University of Perugia, Italy, realized an exhibit at FET11 "Science Beyond Fiction" Conference held in Budapest on May 4-6 2011.

More than 1200 participants have visited the exhibit where Wisepower srl presented the recently released application for iphone and the new "HAT-for automotive applications" demonstrator (video available here: http://youtu.be/GrKDnEhK130 ).

Wisepower supports the Micro-Energy day with a "Battery-free party" in Perugia on April 14 2011

Wisepower srl joins the European Union in celebrating the 2011 European Sustainable Energy Week and supports the Micro-Energy day in Perugia with a Battery-free party.

Join us in via Ratti at the "Auditorium Santa Cecilia". Music and aperitif goes along with the presentation of the book "Manuale di sopravvivenza energetica" by the author Andrea Mameli.

Download the Battery-free event poster here: http://www.wisepower.it/sites/default/files/manifesto-battery-free-party...

Wisepower participates to the "M'illumino di meno": italian national energy saving day Feb 18 2011

Wisepower in collaboration with NiPS Laboratory of the University of Perugia and the Minicipal authority of Perugia presented a piezoelectric footbridge, during the national energy saving awareness day promoted by RAI Radio2 Caterpillar radio show.