SHM of cycle-pedestrian walkway – Ponte Felcino (PG)

We are proud to have contributed to the creation of a beautiful cycle-pedestrian walkway over the Tiber river. We have provided the Municipality of Perugia with a completely wireless monitoring system that is powered by the recovery of environmental energy. The SHM system was designed to capture the dynamic response of the work and monitor temperature and humidity over time.


The Large-scale climate neutral Energy Geostructures in District Heating & Cooling systems/networks (LEG-DHC) is a project co-funded by the European community that promotes innovative solutions in favor of the “heating & cooling” transition in Europe. The project is coordinated by the University of Lille with the participation of 16 partners: the leader of the Italian team is Wisepower srl.

With a view to a sustainable, low-carbon city, underground structures such as retaining walls, piles and tunnels can be equipped with ground heat exchangers to harness the thermal energy stored by the ground for the purpose of heating and/or cooling buildings, giving rise to environmentally friendly technologies called Energy Geostructures (EGS).

The EGS system will harness a solar thermal system to use surface geothermal energy, will therefore be climate-neutral, and will aim to provide thermomechanical feedback from the structure as well as overall energy performance and efficiency.


IoT autonomous devices for environmental monitoring and multi-hazard analysis of electric transmission and distribution lines

In the WISE_X1 project, co-funded by MIMIT (Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy), Wisepower proposes a self-powered wireless device for monitoring low, medium and high voltage cables. The energy autonomy of the device is ensured by the ability to recover both mechanical energy due to electromechanical coupling with the current on the grid conductor and solar energy at the same time. Reliably and redundantly powered sensors make it possible to operate constant and long-lasting infrastructure control.

EnerHarv 2024 International Workshop

Wisepower is pleased to announce its participation in EnerHarv2024, a workshop that brings together global experts in the field of energy recovery, energy management, and IoT applications!

Organized by the Noise in Physical Systems (NiPS) Lab at the University of Perugia and sponsored by PSMA (Power Sources Manufacturers Association), EnerHarv is a key event for the community of experts and users of energy recovery and related technologies, a must-attend opportunity to share knowledge, best practices, roadmaps, experiences and create opportunities for collaboration.

We are proud to speak at this workshop and contribute to its mission of investigating the frontiers of energy recovery and promoting the adoption of sustainable technologies.

We will be there, June 26-28 at the Hotel Giò Congress Center in Perugia, to define the future of environmental energy recovery technologies.


Wisepower joins the technical committee of the NiPs Lab summer school to be held at the opening of the EnerHarv conference.

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