About Wisepower

WISEPOWER srl is aimed at the design and prototyping of a new class of energy generators for mobile devices.

This idea originates from the discovery, made in the university laboratory, of a new technology that significantly improves the performances of a wide class of electric power generators. Based on this new technology and on the long-standing experience of the inventors in research activities, they decided to give birth to a company aimed at applying this technology to designing micro energy generators for mobile devices.

Mobile electronic devices are energy hungry and the standard existing solutions, i.e. batteries, present a number of back draws like large size and heavy weight, finite life-time, high costs.

WISEPOWER srl has developed a new approach to solve the energy needs of mobile electronic devices: extraction of energy from the ambient when and where is needed. Specifically, WISEPOWER srl has developed a new and innovative technology for the energy-conversion, based on the use of non-linear dynamics applied to physical systems. Vibrational, light, heat energies, to name a few, are harvested from the ambient and converted into the electric energy available for powering electronic devices.

Latest News

Published the Wisepower app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Fabro Scalo, 05-Feb-2011

Wisepower has issued the first version of the Wisepower app and it is now available for FREE download at the Apple Application store.

This app is a demonstrator of a new, revolutionary technology in vibration energy harvesting developed by Wisepower srl.
What you can see here is how much energy your iphone could harvest from the ambient vibration if a WISEPOWER vibration harvester was installed on it.

Please check it at: http://www.wisepower.it/app

Wisepower and Science Communication - Perugia Science Fest

Perugia, 05 October 2010

"Playing with the Science" is a new and funny way to approach the people to the scientific field and to teach them how much "Science" they use in the daily life.
In order to improve and to encourage this kind of activity Wisepower supports the Perugia Science Festival

ICT 2010

Bruxelles, 01 October 2010

At the ICT 2010 Expo in Bruxelles, Wisepower was presented by the Scientific and R&D Director Helios Vocca in the Network session Energy efficient ICT: toward zero-power devices for a greener planet.

Wisepower srl and Angelantoni SpA signed an agreement

15 September 2010

Wisepower srl signed an agreement with the umbian company Angelantoni Industrie SpA to study new solutions for solar energy harvesting.

Wisepower invited at Expo Sane Idee 2010

Todi 17 September 2010

The first edition of the Expo "Sane Idee 2010" in Todi presented a rich and appreciable program where politics and economic meet research in order to better understand the conditions for building real competitive companies in the so called "new green economy".

Wisepower on "Nòva 24"

9 September 2010

The weekly science and technology magazine Nòva 24 talks about Wisepower srl (p. 15) in an article entitled "Energia sonora" (sound energy).

In an interview signed by journalist Agnese Codignola, prof. Luca Gammaitoni described the Wisepower project, the idea that aims the company, the technology used to harvest energy from the environment and the difficulties encountered to find new investors.

Wisepower signed an agreement with Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) to host researchers

Rome 12 July 2010.

An agreement for hosting researchers sponsored by INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) has been signed between INFN National President Prof. Roberto Petronzio and the CEO of Wisepower srl Prof. Luca Gammaitoni.
The agreement is now in place and the first researcher, Dr.PhD Flavio Travasso has joined Wisepower srl to work on our laboratories.
We welcome Dr. Travasso and this new promising agreement between a large National Research Institute and our company.

A press conference at the presence of the Governor of Umbria, Mrs Catiuscia Marini, will be held in Perugia at the Palazzo della Regione on July 7 2010

Perugia 6 July 2010.

A press conference at the presence of the Governor of Umbria, Mrs Catiuscia Marini, will be held in Perugia at the Palazzo della Regione on July 7 2010, at 10.00 to present the two companies from the UMBRIA region that have been selected to represent Italy as an example of innovation at the expo shanghai 2010 world exhibition.

Helios Vocca at the Research Reception Cocktail

Helios Vocca of Nipslab & Wisepower srl is one of the speakers at the Research Reception Cocktail the 5th of July 2010 in Turin during the ESOF 2010 - European Research & Business Speed Dating

NovaLab - Radio 24 interviews Luca Gammaitoni, CEO of Wisepower srl

Milano 28/6/2010. Journalists Luca Tremolada and Luca Dello Iacovo interview Luca Gammaitoni, CEO of Wisepower srl (a spin-off company of NiPS lab) in the framework of NovaLab 24 (National radio station).
Listen to the radio interview (in italian)